There are many cookbooks covering the versatile chocolate ingredient.  Most of the books are for sweetened chocolate foods and recently more and more are exploring savory recipes.  Mexican cuisine probably has the most savory recipes as the Mexicans have mole, a sauce dominated by cocoa along with many other spices.  Mexicans serve mole sauce with poultry and meats.

There is no shortage of cookbooks featuring chocolate delectable truffles, cakes, brittles, brownies, fudge, pudding, croissant, souffles, and drinks.  They offer recipes that the beginner can learn all the way up to training the most advanced pastry chefs.

Some of these books are authored or co-authored by world renown pastry chefs while others are written by expert home cooks.  Depending upon your skill level and tastes, you’ll be able to study, practice, and learn from these books.

Luscious Chocolate Desserts

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  This cookbook contains many different, delicious chocolate recipes.  This cookbook will make your mouth water and will make your taste buds taste like chocolate.  The cookbook will make your mind want to eat a whole entire table of chocolate.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookbook

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  This Ghirardelli cookbook contains many different, mouth watering, chocolate recipes.  This cookbook will inspire you, your friends, and your families to want to cook with chocolate more and more.