Scharffenberger Bars on Stand

Bittersweet Chocolate

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Chocolate, as defined by the FDA, that contains at least 35% cocoa solids.  Most bittersweet chocolate bars have at least 50% chocolate liquor, with some bars pushing 70-80%… Read More »

TCHO Dark Chocolate Chocolatey

Dark Chocolate

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Dark Chocolate is a chocolate that contains chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla, and lecithin.  There aren’t any milk solids added in dark chocolate.  The cocoa content of… Read More »


TCHOcolate Espresso Cookies

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PREPARATION 1. Preheat oven to 350°F and grease 2 large heavy baking sheets (or use parchment paper). 2. In a double boiler or a metal bowl set over… Read More »

My review on Shaman Organic Chocolates Extra Dark Chocolate 82% cacao

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This bar is dark brown, but not very dark.  This chocolate bar has a really addicting flavor.  When you bite into the bar, it tastes sweet, sour, a… Read More »


My Review on Divine Milk Chocolate with Spiced Cookies

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This is the second Divine bar I am reviewing.  Upon popping a square into my mouth I could tell that one is quite different from the hazelnut and… Read More »

TCHO Retail 1


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Retailers Amazon is arguably the largest reseller of chocolate products on the web. Godiva Godiva’s high end stores have a large presence in many malls and along… Read More »

TCHO Books

TCHO Rocks!

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If you are a real Chocoler and you are visiting San Francisco Bay Area, you must visit TCHO!  It’s a fascinating company where the technology culture of the… Read More »

Parmesan Pudding with Piquillo Peppers and Cacao Nib Explosion

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PREPARATION 1.     For Parmesan Pudding, melt all ingredients together on low. Chill. Then puree together to thicken. 2.     For Piquillo Relish, roast peppers, then sweat and peel peppers…. Read More »

TCHO Snuggler

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PREPARATION 1.     Combine drinking chocolate with boiling water. Emulsify. 2.     Pour Rumpleminze into mug. Stir in drinking chocolate. Add steamed milk. 3.     Stir until completely blended. RECIPE NOTES… Read More »

TCHOcolate Gelato

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PREPARATION 1.     Coarsely chop chocolate. 2.     In a 2-quart heavy saucepan bring milk, cream, and about half of sugar just to a simmer, stirring until sugar is completely… Read More »