The chocolate ecosystem is a very large and diversified industry involving farmers, scientists, food and equipment manufacturers, distributors, travel guides, chefs, authors, consultants, film makers, government agencies, industry groups, and even fashion designers and models.   Each group has their own network of experts and influencers.  The farmers and scientists make safe and efficient production of chocolate affordable, the manufacturers and distributors make chocolate accessible, chefs make their creations delicious, and the authors, designers, and models expand your imagination of how to use this versatile ingredient.

Beckett, Stephen T.
Freedman, Barry
Harding, Jennifer

Book Authors
Brenner, Joel Glenn
Coe, Sophie D.
Desaulniers, Marcel
Greweling, Peter P.
Longbotham, Lori
Young, Allen M.

Bau, Frederic
Herme, Pierre
Lebovitz, David
McLachan, Clay
Notter, Ewald

Hellerud-Schuth, Lisa
Thomas, Louise – The Chocolate Consultant

Scharffenberger, John

Kenyon, Paul – “Chocolate: The Bitter Truth”
Mistrati, Miki – “The Dark Side of Chocolate”
Romano, Roberto – “The Dark Side of Chocolate”
Sherman, Scott – “Tempered – A Chocolate Odyssey”

Harris, Brian

Amin, I – proteins
Bellsky, Jill M. – agriculture
Chin, H. F. – stress response
Faria, Jose Claudio – agriculture
Guiltinan, Mark J. – embryogenesis
Monteiro, U.V. – breeding
Osman, H. – biochemistry
Rosenberg, David E. – yield agriculture
Sannohe, Yumiko – germination
Sereno, Maria L. – genetics
Shumow, Laura – biochemistry

Doutre-Roussel, Chloe – “the Chocolate Angel”