La Panotiq is a new bakery and cafe in Downtown Mountain View (331 Castro Street #100 Mountain View, CA 94041) that opened a few months ago in 2015. It is a chain of bakeries around the San Francisco Bay Area having locations from San Francisco to Campbell to Berkeley. Last night I decided to try a few of their desserts: the Chocolate Runny Heart Macaron, the Caboose Chocolat, and the Chocolat Feuillantine.

Chocolate Runny Heart Macaron

Chocolate Runny Heart Macaron

Chocolat Caboose

Caboose Chocolat

Chocolat Feuillantine

Chocolat Feuillantine

The Chocolate Runny Heart Macaron is a “chocolate almond macaron filled with a soft melting ganache center.” It definitely has a very dark chocolate tone and you can see that the chocolate inside has been piped in a swirly fashion. I feel that the macaron cookie’s shell was a bit too brittle and wished that the shell had a bit more form so that when accompanied by the soft inside of the cookie, a variety of textures such as a pleasant chewiness would come about in comparison with Alexander’s Patisserie’s macarons. But, I could taste the almond and chocolate in the cookie part which tasted nice.


The ganache part was a bit too firm and wasn’t very soft as they had suggested. The ganache was also, size-wise, too thick in proportionate to the thin cookies above and below it. I think that overall, the chocolate was of good quality, but it was a bit too sweet for my palate. But, if you enjoy milk chocolates, you would probably enjoy this too.


The second thing that I tried was the Caboose Chocolat. The Caboose Chocolat is “a shell of chocolate cocoa bean mousse with a caramelized hazelnut heart on top of a chocolate cake.”  The dessert is somewhat in the shape of a blimp. The chocolate mousse is really well whipped and fluffy, and I enjoyed the little bit of caramel in the middle as well as the chopped hazelnuts in the caramel which contrast with the smooth texture. The small layer of cake at the bottom wasn’t too sweet which I enjoyed and had the right amount of chocolate to compliment the hazelnuts.


The final thing I tried was the Chocolat Feuillantine. The Chocolat Feuillantine is a “creamy hazelnut feuillantine and a rich chocolate mousse over a crispy biscuit.” This cake, by far, was my favorite. First, I think that the slivered nuts on top looked and made the cake taste much more elegant. They added a rich nutty texture in comparison to the fluffy mousse and crispy biscuit on the bottom. Second, I thought that the hazelnut and chocolate mousse were paired very nicely and that the sweetness was just right. The best part, in my opinion, was the crispy biscuit because it just added a really nice crunch which made this dish unique.


Overall, I feel that La Panotiq used a bit too much sugar for me, but I definitely enjoyed the different texture and flavor pairings which made the experience all the more enjoyable. I would recommend coming here if you have a sweet tooth and I’ve heard that their pastries are very well made, too.