In 2014, Alexander’s Patisserie opened up in Downtown Mountain View. Alexander’s is part of the Alexander’s Steakhouse restaurant business chain that won a Michelin star. Just like the rest of their restaurants, Alexander’s has the best pastry chef you can find: Chef Dries Delanghe has high experience and worked with many prominent chefs and restaurants. His expertise can definitely be shown in the quality of food. Over the past year, I have tried many of their products from macarons to cakes and tarts. Yesterday, I tried the Hazelnut Chocolate Macaron, Triple Chocolate Kouign-Amann, and for old times sake, the chocolate croissant.

Triple Chocolate Kouign-Amann and Chocolate Hazelnut Macaron

Triple Chocolate Kouign-Amann and Chocolate Hazelnut Macaron

The Hazelnut Chocolate Macaron had a very calm grey color with a hazel brown filling.


When you take your first bite, a slightly crispy shell breaks and then you meet the soft part of the macaron. You can taste a really rich hazelnut flavor. As for the filling, it’s like a chocolate hazelnut creamy filling. Both the chocolate and the hazelnut don’t overwhelm each other, which keeps a balance.


The macaron has a nice chewy texture, but at the same time it’s nice and airy. I would definitely recommend this macaron as well as the chocolate and the coffee which I’ve tried in the past.


The Triple Chocolate Kouign-Amann does very well resemble a triple chocolate pastry with a dark chocolatey color. The pastry has a perfect sweetness that doesn’t overwhelm the rich chocolate. Like all of the other pastries at the patisserie, the kouign-amann has perfect flaky layers showing that the layers of dough have been folded the right amount of times. There is also a really nice chocolate ganache in the center of the pastry, and you can tell that the chocolate is really high quality.


There’s also a normal Kouign-Amann which is really tasty as well. I have not tried the Salted Caramel Kouign-Amann, but if you have tried it, please comment down below!


The chocolate croissant is one of my favorite pastries at Alexander’s Patisserie because the pastry is so buttery and the chocolate is perfectly see and rich. The butter is the best quality and makes the croissant very flavorful.


Getting a chocolate croissant at Alexander’s is a must have!