Wow!  What a concept! Marrying organic chocolate and goji berries, both very highly anti-oxidant superfoods into a 1-2 sweet and joyful punch and packaged into a ziplock bag so I can take them with me on a hike :-) .

I’d like to discuss this product from various points of view.  Firstly, I think its great that Kopali is making the effort to provide us chocolers with a very healthy combination of foods to make a delicious snack.  Many kudos to them for doing this as being a parent I’d feel a lot better giving my child this snack than a typical supermarket candy bar as I know there is some real nutrition here.

Secondly, I need to put my chocoler foodie hat on and discuss the execution of the nutritious pop-in-your-mouth product.  I realize that this product is made differently than a standard chocolate bar that is poured and hardened.  This product was most likely made by pouring goji berries into a rotating barrel-kind of machine called a candy pan.  As the berries tumbled the chocolate coating was added until the berries would get uniformly coated.  I don’t know the constraints of making chocolate coatings in terms of the amount of cocoa butter versus lecithin so I don’t know how much control the candy maker has on the mouth feel of the chocolate since you’ve got to dial the mix of cocoa powder, cocoa butter, evaporated cane juice, and lecithin so that the coated berries don’t stick to each other or the tumbling pan.  So assuming they tried to make the mouth feel as buttery as possible given the manufacturing constraints of tumbling, the coated products, stand separate from a bar.  This product tastes reasonably good and I could imagine eating them in the future.  However, I’d prefer if the chocolate could have a bit more cocoa butter and slightly less sweetener to give a more luxurious mouth-feel, if possible.  Less sweetener is preferred for the obvious health reasons, but also to allow the taste of the chocolate to come through instead of the sweetness.

Thirdly, many kudos to Kopali for bringing such a delicious and nutritious product to the market.  It provides us chocolers with more reasons to snack on as much nutritious chocolate as possible!

A final, but minor comment is about the packaging.  The ziplock package is attractive and convenient, however, it is quite hard to read the dark brown text on brown background so I’d suggest improving the contrast or changing the colors of the text used in the lower half of the front panel of the bag.  Minor stuff, nice product though.