Front Label of Dagoba Xocolaltl 74%

Dagoba wraps its xocolatl in a brown label shown on the right.  The branding image reminds you of a rainforest from times past.  Their slogan reads “The Art of Chocolate Alchemy”.  So as you unwrap the bar, you wonder, “how good will the chilies and nibs blend in with the chocolate.”

As soon as you break a piece of Dagoba’s Xocoltl bar you hear a nice “snap”, which is a good sign that cocoa butter and solids have been married nicely and well tempered.  As soon as you take a bite of that snapped piece, your mouth goes WOW!  The flavor starts with a gentle citrus and a few seconds later rises to a spicy hot crescendo from the red chilies and tapers down slowly to a creamy, soft note.  There is no bitter aftertaste from this bar.  As you bite through, here and there you feel a little crackle and then a crunch as the nibs get crushed by your ivories.

The label on the back lists: organic dark chocolate, sugar, cocoa, cacao butter, non-GMO soy lecithin, cacao nibs, chili powder, maca, citrus oil, nutmeg oil, vanilla extract, and milk as ingredients. This Xocolatl is also a hot chocolate flavor of the same brand.

Dagoba Xocalatl 74% back label