Amazon is arguably the largest reseller of chocolate products on the web.


Godiva’s high end stores have a large presence in many malls and along city streets worldwide.  Their chocolates are very smooth and mildly sweet.  Their golden gift boxes exude a luxurious brand appearance.


Hershey purchased Sharffenberger from its original owners in 2005 and they closed down their Berkeley factory that used to provide public tours.  Prior to the purchase they had 5 retail stores but now they only have a single retail store in the San Francisco Ferry Building across the street from the Embarcardero Center.  They have a broad selection of their product as well as very friendly and some knowledgeable staff available to explain to you how the cacao is grown, harvested, manufactured, and made into their various products.  They sample some of their product so you can get a taste before you buy.  If you are in San Francisco and enjoy chocolate, a visit to the Scharffenberger store is a must.

See’s Candies

Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway owns this chain of chocolate stores that can be found in malls across the U.S.  They specialize in sweet chocolate candies sold in bulk and in white gift boxes.


Just a few blocks north of the San Francisco Ferry Building on Green St., TCHO has a retail store in front of their chocolate factory.  They offer free tours daily at 10:30AM and 2PM.  They provide chocolate samples, ice cream bars, coffee, and hot chocolate.  They also have a wide array of their sweetened bars and unsweetened cocoa powders.   Their store also has some cooking tools and a wide selection of chocolate cookbooks. If you enjoy chocolate a visit to the TCHO retail store and tour is a must.

Whole Foods

This natural food supermarket has a wide range of sustainably harvested and processed chocolate products.

Company sort downsort up Expertise Web Address Country
Hotel Chocolat confection, bars, dipped fruit England
nutrition, books, bars, food
Little Pretty Things chocoholic England
Chocolate Pizza Co. chocolate pizza USA
Astor Chocolate confectionary, truffles, special occasion USA
Davenports Chocolate Creative artisan chocolates UK
Coco Chocolate organic chocolate, confectionary Scotland
Kallari Chocolate Ecuadoran farmer-owned organic bars USA
Choffy cocoa powder drink, drinking utensils USA
Thomas Haas Chocolates fine handmade chocolates and pastries Canada
Chocolate by Trish gourmet dark, milk, & white chocolate buttons and powder England
Cacao Atlanta gourmet powders, chocolates, bars, confections USA
Madre Chocolate specialty bars made of chocolate from Hawaii and Mexico USA
The Chocolate Addict decorating DVDs, chocolate transfer sheets and artwork USA
Madelaine Chocolate Company family-owned chocolate candy makers since 1949 USA
Choco Paris directory of chocolate, pastry, & ice cream shops, tour guide France
Cocolo Chocolate delicious fairtrade organic chocolate Australia
Chocolopolis bars, gifts, truffles, confectionary USA
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate boxed chocolates and truffles USA
Chococo hand made boxed chocolates, gift boxes, dipped fruits England
Caley’s Chocolate fairtrade chocolate bars, button, beverages England
Vosges Haut-Chocolat bars, truffles, drinking, baking USA
Askinosie Chocolate philanthropic chocolate bars, nibs, beverages, powders, gifts USA gifts, bars, truffles, baked goods, confections USA
Burdick Chocolate bars, boxed, dipped fruit, baskets USA
Chocolate and Love bars England
Choclatique custom boxed chocolates USA
Thorntons boxed, gifts, custom photo boxes England
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