Chocolate Trade Shows Around the World

The chocolate industry has numerous events around the world to bring experts, producer, distributors, retailers, media, and consumers together to celebrate this wonderful ingredient.  The Salon du Chocolat is the world’s largest event.  At the conference are shows, demonstrations by famous chefs, children’s workshops, conferences and tastings, and a bookshop.

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Event Name Place City Date
Salon du Chocolat – Marseille Provence Parc Chanot Marsaille 2/10-2/12/12
Intersuc Paris Nord Villepinte Paris 3/3/12-3/7/12
Sweet Eurasia Tüyap Fair Convention and Congre Istanbul 6/13/12-6/15/12
Fedoba Brussels Kart Brussels 9/1-9/4/2012
Specialty Chocolate Fair Olympia Exhibition Centre London 9/2/12-9/4/12
Coteca Hamburg Messe und Congress Hamburg 9/20/12-9/22/12
Salon du Chocolat – Paris Paris Expo Porte de Versailles Paris 10/31-11/4/2012
Salon du Chocolat – Le Caire Intercontinental Citystars Cairo Cairo 11/24-11/26/12
Chocolate Show – New York Altman Building and Metropolitan New York, NY 11/10-11/13/12
Salon du Chocolat – Vannes Le Chrorus – Parc des exposition Vannes 11/9-11/9/2012
Salon du Chocolat et des Gourmandises – Avignon Parc des expositions – Avignon Avignon 11/9-11/11/12
Salon du Chocolat et des Gourmandises – Valence Parc des expositions de Valence Valence 1/27/-1/29/12
Bibac Expo Bouwcentrum Antwerpen Antwerp 9/28/12-10/1/12
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