Need to learn or brush up on some basic or advanced chocolate making skills?  Enjoy this series of videos filmed with some of the world’s best chocolate experts.  They’ll show you the basics of how to melt and temper chocolate all the way to making chocolate ribbons and truffles.  Watch and have some fun in your kitchen by trying out their cooking methods!

Melting Chocolate

Microwave Chocolate Tempering

How to Make a Chocolate Ganache

How to Make Fudge

Making Chocolate Curls

Chocolate Ribbon

Jaques Torres – Making Chocolate Lollipops

Small Fancy Chocolates

Hand Dipping Chocolate and Presentation

Molding or Forming Chocolate

Chocolate Expert – Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Expert – Single Origin Chocolate

Chocolate Expert – Good and Bad Chocolate

Chocolate Expert – Baking Chocolate

Chocolate Expert – Tasting

Chocolate Expert – Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Expert – Myths and Truths

Chocolate Expert – Chocolate and Wine