Cadbury is a brand now owned by Kraft Foods.  Historically, Cadbury was a British company that started in 1905 and presently generates more than $1 billion in sales each year.  For their UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South African production facilities they are using Fairtrade cocoa.  Fairtrade sourcing enables growers in Ghana to receive reasonable payment for their cocoa.


Godiva is a company headquartered in Belgium and has been producing chocolates since 1926.  Still today, Guittard is still family owned and is the oldest family chocolate company operating in the U.S..  In 1955, Guittard re-located their factory approximately 10 miles south of San Francisco in the city of Burlingame where it resides today.


In 1868 Etienne Guittard started his chocolate production company on Sansome Street in San Francisco, CA.


Founded by Milton S. Hershey in the rural central Pennsylvania, Hersheys has become one of the world’s largest global brands.


The TCHO factory is located on Pier 17 in San Francisco USA.  Their chocolate is used by some of America’s best chefs and is branded “New American Chocolate”.  Their products are made with a blend of cacao beans to create a full spectrum of flavors.  They directly source their own cacao beans from growers which gives them precise control of their flavor.  They have developed a scientific method that covers the fermentation, drying, roasting, formulation, refining, and blending steps to yield a rich, complex flavor without the bitterness.